Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Exchange group trip to Iguazú

On Sunday the 14th of May we all met at Rosarios main bus terminal ready to embark on our all day bus trip up to Iguazú. The trip consisted of exchange students that arrived this year as well as students that arrived last year.

We visited the Argentinian side of Iguazú on the Tuesday and the Brazilian side on the Wednesday. I was fortunate enough last time to visit the Argentinian side of Iguazú falls last time I was in Argentina with my school and having the opportunity to visit them again was one I looked foreward to very much. I definitely wasn't disappointed as the falls were even more beautiful than I remembered. Visiting the Brazilian side also allowed us to experience what Brazil had to offer.

On the Thursday we were taken into a forest where we participated in activities such as abseiling and the flying fox. All in all I throughly enjoyed this experience as it was something new that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do through a forest in Iguazú surrounding by unique animals found nowhere else.

Overall the trip will definitely remain as a highlight on my student exchange not just because of all the sights I was fortunate to witness and all the activities I had never done before, but because of the people I was fortunate to meet from all over the world that made the trip what it was.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Meeting my host family and my school

After spending a week in Rosario with other exchange students from around the world it was eventually time to meet our families that we would be staying with for our designated times. I arrived in Roldán with my new host family and comfortably settled down. I walked around Roldán with my host brother Nico getting to know the city as well as each other. Every weekend my host family and I go to Rosario and explore the city whether it be shopping or admiring the scenery of Rosario. I have attended school here for a week now and have made many friends. Although I struggle in the classroom due to the language barrier I face, I've found that I've enjoyed my time so far and am most definitely looking forward to participating in more activities that I can contribute in. I will have more photos of the school in my next post.

So far I have joined a gym where I have made many friends already, and also I have been attending after school Spanish class two times a week which has been beneficial for my Spanish. I have also been volunteering to help out my schools English teacher with her English classes she hosts every Friday.

It is coming to the end of March and I have been in Argentina for an entire month. I have enjoyed every bit of this exchange so far. This first month i spent here was to get me settled living in another country. I intend to make use of the time I have here and by the end have had an experience here that I will never forget.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The flight and orientation week

The days leading up to the big day I was full of excitement. Knowing that I would soon be living in Argentina for 5 months brings a new challenge to me. The new adventures that I will experience, the new people I would meet, as well as becoming more educated on a whole other culture.
Saying goodbye to my family proved difficult, as they have put in so much of their time and effort to provide me with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I departed New Zealand on the 22nd of February from Auckland with Alfie, a fellow exchange student to Buenos Aires. We then took a van to Rosario where we were greeted by other exchange students ranging in nationalities. Rosario was much hotter and humid than I had anticipated and was felt throughout the entire duration of my stay in Rosario. We stayed in Rosario for 4 nights, where we were we had Spanish lessons, orientation meetings, and walks throughout the city. We had the opportunity to visit the popular landmarks including el parque de España and plaza de 25 de mayo. I enjoyed being able to explore the city, and also making friends with exchange students on a similar journey to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mari and the team at NZIIU for making this exchange happen, and also my parents that have used so much of their time organising the paper work and organising myself. I cannot thank them enough.